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  • Gerardo Javier Garza Cabello

As the world falls down

We sat in the park with more reservations than emotions, even though we were both feeling it all. Our universes collided, and I felt a spark run through my body, one I'd never felt before. No one else noticed, but I had been slowly fading away. She arrived just in time to see what was left of the person I used to be, noticing that the light was dimming. She wanted to rescue what remained, perhaps recognizing her own sunset in me. The truth is I can't deny that she awakened something I didn't even know I had. I was so tired of remembering better days. Maybe my penance had been fulfilled, or perhaps hers had, but two broken gazes were now facing each other, and they decided to smile.

We talked until the day became night, and I was filled with a magical spirit that made me nostalgic. We kissed without plans for tomorrow, without asking why you were over there and I was here. On the way home, I cried for no reason, and I felt how excitement turned into sadness. I didn't know why, but I felt a pressure tearing me apart. I decided to heal; she was my cry for help. As she walked away, she shrugged her shoulders, feeling the same sadness consume her. I replayed the mental image of her eyes and decided to have an occasional dream where she and I had a thousand minutes playing at loving each other. I felt a very brief happiness filling my heart.

The world kept falling apart, and I promised I would be there for you. I was so sincere when I said it that you smiled again, and I fell in love with your smile. We created an almanack of shared memories: yours and mine. We dedicated ourselves to the desire to be together as if it were a sacred commitment. We understood that happiness could coexist with sadness as we embraced the profound senselessness of having met that day. The world kept falling apart, but you were with me, and I was with you. It was too late to make amends with destiny. I wanted to forget that wall I had battered my knuckles against. You wanted to forget the door of that childhood room. We found a space where the shadow of sadness didn't overshadow the light of happiness, and love made us... We were still sad, the world kept falling apart, but you were with me, and that was more than I could ever ask for.


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